For the fourth time, Douglas County’s Human Services Department stands out as exemplary among its peers statewide.

Smiling mom and child

How did Douglas County communities benefit from their Human Services Department’s recent recognition as having one of the highest performing teams in the state during the 2019 calendar year?

“Your remarkable performance over this last year helped ensure that Douglas County families in need didn’t go hungry, were connected to meaningful work opportunities, and remained safe,” said Douglas County Commissioner, Abe Laydon to Human Services employees at the virtual award ceremony conducted on July 30, 2020.

Specifically, the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) recognized the Douglas County Department of Human Services with a “2020 C-Stat Distinguished Performance Award.” The County’s outstanding performance efforts were tied to programs that help Coloradans, including helping more local families move toward a stronger economic future by connecting them with meaningful work opportunities and workforce development programs, delivering crucial food and energy assistance in a timely manner and keeping vulnerable adults and children safe.

“We believe in being people-first, and it clearly shows that Douglas County lives that out every day,” said CDHS executive director Michelle Barnes. “Douglas County is leading the way as a top performer by delivering fast and consistent services, helping Coloradans find resources and meet the needs of their families. Through C-Stat, we’re better measuring our impact and constantly improving the services provided to Coloradans.”

In total, the county was recognized for achieving the annual goal on 19 different measures, including the percentage of current child support collected, food assistance payment, case and procedural error rate, and timeliness of Colorado Works applications.

C-Stat is a performance management tool that allows CDHS to better focus on and improve performance outcomes that enhance people’s lives. The Distinguished Performance Award recognizes counties that are timely, safe and accurate in work and meeting goals. Counties that meet their goals are more likely to be meeting the needs of individuals and families in their community, and more likely to have higher completion rates of applications. Douglas County was one of 19 that received a 2020 C-Stat Distinguished Performance Award.