Certified COVID Best Practices Business Program

Known as the 5 Star State Certification Program or the 5 Star Variance Program by the CDPHE, the program in Douglas County will be known as the COVID Best Practices Business Certification Program and those who seek and achieve successful certification will receive designation as a Certified COVID Best Practices Business.

The COVID Best Practices Business Certification Program is a voluntary local certification program that enables businesses to operate at a sustainable capacity while ensuring compliance with COVID-19 transmission controls and best practices. Program success will create consumer confidence, open the economy to the greatest extent possible and control the spread of the virus in our community.  Businesses may choose not to be certified, however, only those restaurants obtaining certification are authorized to operate with expanded capacity.

The County’s application once approved, will be a variance from the State and falls under the direction of the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners, and will be administered by the County, the Tri-County Health Department, municipalities, and the Northwest Chamber and Economic Development Council, Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, and Douglas County Libraries.

Eligibility and Certification Process

This program is voluntary and open to all eligible businesses in Douglas County. Businesses will be ineligible if they received any previous non-compliance citations.

To enroll, you must submit a Business Interest Form stating your business is willing and able to meet all the criteria on the Business Certification Checklist. Please note:  Businesses with multiple locations must certify each location separately.

Once a business has submitted the Business Interest Form and is approved for moving forward in the Program, they will be contacted with instructions on how to submit a completed checklist confirming their compliance with the elevated Best Practices standards. These checklists can be downloaded here:

Businesses that qualify for this voluntary program will receive a certificate for display.  A list will be provided on this webpage of certified businesses.

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Additional Information and Forms: