View 2021 Colorado General Assembly Sine Die 

The 2021 legislative session FINALLY wrapped up work last week, about a month later than the typical Sine Die adjournment date. The session ended late because the legislature took a recess from mid-January to February to ensure legislators and staff could be vaccinated. The legislature met for a brief session January 13 through January 15 to swear in the new legislators and to pass a limited number of bills to fix issues that emerged from bills passed in the December 2020 special session. On February 16, the legislature picked back up on day 4 of the 120-day session.


There were 18 new members of the legislature and 4 former Representatives moved to the Senate. Following the April municipal elections, former Representative Jeni Arndt left the legislature to serve in her new role as Mayor of Fort Collins. Shortly thereafter Representative Andrew Boesenecker was appointed to fill her seat.


The 73rd General Assembly started out looking much like the end of the 2020 session with many COVID precautions still in place. Protocols limited the number of people who could be present in a committee room, and the General Assembly allowed members of the public to provide remote testimony during bill hearings. Once the COVID-19 vaccine became widely available, a semblance of normalcy returned with more lobbyists and members of the public in the building.