Today the General Assembly reconvened to finish up the 2020 legislative session.  Legislators returned to a different atmosphere with many new safety protocols in place, fewer lobbyists and members of the public in the building and temperature checks at the entrances.  During the morning floor work in the House of Representatives, some legislators sat in the gallery above the chamber in order to allow legislators on the floor to sit socially distanced from one another.  Some legislators chose not to wear masks, while others donned cloth face coverings.  While many of the bills heard in committees of reference won’t be moving forward, several passed including a new higher education funding formula, HB20-1366.  The new funding formula would be implemented in the next year, FY2021-22 and was agreed upon by the higher education institutions.  The new allocation model would distribute state dollars through base funding and performance funding.   SB20-200 Implementation of Colorado Secure Savings Program would implement the findings of the Secure Savings Board, which studied the issue of retirement savings and recommended a state facilitated retirement savings program.   Eligible employees would be auto-enrolled in an IRA retirement savings account.  This bill moved forward, despite a $345,000 fiscal note, with the Treasurer’s Office testifying they would present an alternative funding source—which won’t affect the General Fund—when the bill is heard in the Appropriations Committee.
The Long Bill that sets the FY2020-21 budget was introduced today, along with the orbital bills that make up the budget package.   Timeline for the Budget in the House: 
Tuesday—Long Bill introduced
Wednesday—Long Bill and orbital bills heard in House Appropriations
Thursday—House caucus meetings in which the JBC members present the Long Bill and budget bills to their colleagues. 
Friday—House caucus meetings to discuss potential budget amendments and debate the Long Bill on second reading.
Saturday – 3rd Reading and final House vote on the Long Bill
Bills Killed Today
Committees of reference will meet all week in an effort to clear their calendars.  Because of a steep drop in revenue and shifting priorities due to the pandemic, the majority of bills will be postponed indefinitely or delayed until after the legislative session is expected to end—which also effectively kills the bill. 
HB20-1202 Previous Taxed Income Gain Deduction C Corporation
SB20-203 Repeal Metered-dose Inhalers As Vaporized Delivery
HB20-1267 Transparency Of Telecom Providers Correctional Facilities
HB20-1102 Requirements For Jailhouse Witness Testimony
SB20-179 District Attorney Defendant Data Collection
SB20-180 Dyslexia Ed In Criminal & Juvenile Justice Sys
SB20-192 Staffing Agency Requirements For Employees
HB20-1088 U Visa Certification Requirements
SB20-187 DYS Therapeutic Group Treatment Pilot Program
SB20-191 Changes To Felony Murder
HB20-1120 Enforcement Of Sexual Exploitation Of A Child
HB20-1130 Online Availability Of Judicial Opinions
HB20-1147 Reasonable Independence For Children In Activities
HB20-1234 Peace Officer Status For Certain DOR Employees
HB20-1241 Issue Professional License Lawful US Presence
HB20-1291 Uniform Collaborative Law Act
HB20-1307 Gay Panic Or Transgender Panic Defense
SB20-151 Administration Of The RTD
HB20-1170 Military & Surplus Military Vehicles On Roadways
HB20-1173 811 Locate Exemption For County Road Maintenance
HB20-1266 Sale And Transport Of Fireworks Exporter License
SB20-196 Hospice & Palliative Care License Plate
SB20-199 Professional Fire Fighters License Plate Entity
HB20-1150 Repeal HB 19-1263 Penalties For Drug Possession
HB20-1152 Penalty For Weapons Possession Offenses
HB20-1278 Protection Orders Issued Against Domestic Abusers
HB20-1348 Additional Liability Under Respondent Superior
SB20-059 Sexual Assault On A Student By An Educator
SB20-169 Housing Mentors In Youthful Offender Facility
HB20-1295 Ed Accountability & Accreditation Systems Audit
HB20-1358 K-12 Seizure Safe Schools
HB20-1238 Safe & Healthy Learning Environments For Students
HB20-1034 Income Tax Deduction For 529 Acct K-12 Expenses
HB20-1231 Amend Programs Addressing Educator Shortages
SB20-073 No 529 Acct Income Tax Deduction for K-12 Expenses
SB20-184 Add To Public School Financial Literacy Standards
HB20-1357 Media Literacy Implementation
SB20-193 Creation Of The Financial Empowerment Office
HB20-1194 Extend Red Cross Tax Check-off