Here's the latest regarding the proposed state mandated family & medical leave program.   The bill sponsors announced that they will not pursue legislation when the General Assembly reconvenes in May [see attached press release]. 

Instead, they are putting their support behind a ballot initiative that has been approved for the 2020 Election:
Starting in January 2020, the bill sponsors and proponents began drafting their own versions of the bill instead of adopting the FAMLI Task Force recommendations which were released early January.  The bill drafts were very complicated and some proponents publicly opposed the drafts, while two of the original bill sponsors removed their names from the bill.  Sponsors then met with us on March 13th to try to collaborate, and our negotiating team participated in calls with the sponsors/proponents for 3 weeks.  The sponsors are now claiming in the press that the business community “walked away” from the negotiations.  This is categorically false.  The sponsors chose to stop communicating with our negotiation team on April 3rd and we have emails substantiating that their claim is inaccurate.
Status on Ballot Initiative:
The initiative creating a statewide mandated paid family leave program has been approved for the ballot.  The Denver Metro Chamber has filed an appeal to the CO Supreme Court, but in the meantime, the campaign will try to collect signatures which are due by August 3rd.  This will be very challenging based on the current pandemic, however, the Governor is considering whether signatures can be collected electronically which could dramatically change the signature collection process for this initiative and other initiatives in the future. This ballot initiative will be very costly to both employers and employees based on the fiscal impact statement provided here:
Many of you expressed in a recent survey that businesses and their employees are struggling to stay afloat, and that this is not the time for a new multi-billion dollar state-run program.  The Colorado Chamber will fight this initiative should it make it to the ballot in November.