Equine Partnership Program          Back In The Saddle 2021
40495 County Road 13
Elizabeth, CO 80107  
May 1st, 2021

To Our Supporters,

We need you to BET ON OUR HORSES AND OUR MISSION on Derby Day.

EPP is thrilled to announce that we are getting Back In The Saddle in 2021. As have many other
businesses over the last year, EPP temporarily closed our doors to weather the pandemic, only
continuing therapy for our existing clients. With urgency, our therapists are eager and ready to
resume our services for new individuals and groups with focus on our Seniors, Children and Female
Veteran clients. More than ever these three groups need our help.

At the Equine Partnership Program, our mission is to assist clients on their personal journey toward
healing through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. We take traditional psychotherapy sessions out of
the office in a unique approach that utilizes horses to achieve incredible results. Our therapists,
clients and horses form a crucial partnership with the shared goal of personal growth and healing
traumatic emotional wounds. Please join us on May 1st, 2021 in doing just that. 100% of every
donation will go towards supporting our life changing therapies and the wonderful horses who give
their all in sessions everyday. We are dedicated to making a difference this year for as many
individuals as we can reach.

The Equine Partnership Program provides a place to see things differently. Our program allows
clients to have a safe location to express their difficulties and an equine partner to do it with. If the
amount of hugs of gratitude that our horses receive is an indication of success, we are doing really
well! There are no sweeter words than "this horse saved my life." We are committed to expanding
this path in 2021. So many deserving clients have never been outside on a ranch and certainly have
never shared a friendship with a 1200 lb. animal.

Many times that friendship can make all the difference in their world. On May 1st, 2021, please
think of the Equine Partnership Program and our pledge to get Back In The Saddle. Please "bet on
our horses"
when you bet on the Derby. You’ll be supporting the life changing therapies offered at
EPP. Consider donating to assist the clients we serve at: http://equinetherapyco.org/donate.

You can be a champion for the horses and clients at the Equine Partnership Program. And together
we can change lives. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Happy Derby Day,

Lee Dudley
Program Director and Founder

Ron Hall
Executive Director

Ciana Dodgion
Outreach Director