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We're Uniting Communities Through Shared Spaces

Facility scheduling software makes it easy to use your community spaces to their full potential. Every great event starts someWHERE. Ultimate frisbee practice, book club, the spring home show — they all need a space.

What is Spotz?

Spotz is a Wisconsin-based startup with a Douglas County office location intent on modernizing the community rental experience. Our goal is to make it easier for people to get the most out of the spaces they manage and the events they run by making it effortless for people to find and use the amazing facilities in their neighborhoods.

(Think Airbnb, but for community spaces, organizations, and businesses!)

We're the only community-centered online platform where organizations, municipalities, and small businesses can manage, promote, and communicate their available spaces for the public to find and rent.

Spotz makes it possible for people to get together anywhere while helping communities and organizations maximize venue resources.

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